Gilberto Parada
UI UX Designer
San Diego, CA, USA

I workshop, design, and maintain visual systems for web-based enterprise applications.

Projects 2014-2016

2016 –

UX & Visual Design

Through a user-first approach, a business analyst, a developer and I took on the redesign and content strategy of is utilized by thousands of agents and brokers in the second largest surplus lines insurance market in the country.

+ Personas

+ Card sorting

+ User Interviews

+ AB testing

+ Google Analytics

+ Content Map

The work shown is one of a 12+ iterations during UI exploration.

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2016 –

Mobile UI Design

Through rapid prototyping and quick UI iterations, I enabled a team of brilliant developers to create a mobile interface and experience for SLACAL’s executives. SLACAL is the latest surplus lines insurance association in the country.

2016 –

Web App UI & Front-end

As one of the largest authorities in the Surplus Lines insurance market, the Surplus Lines Association of California sought out to create a platform for agents to access regulatory filing portals nationwide. Surplus Line Xpress allows brokers to access electronic filing systems across multiple states, a first in the surplus lines business.

Workshopped through business requirements to inform our concept, wireframes, and user flows. Prototyped and developed components based on the Bootstrap framework.

2016 –


Entrepreneur and commercial real estate developer Christian Perez approached me to create a personal brand. The goal for the brand was to represent the transparent nature of his business dealing while conveying a sense of modernity and professionalism.

Perez Organization, Miami, USA

2016 –

Infographic, Print

The Surplus Lines Association of California wanted to demonstrate their projected technology offerings in 2017 in a way that was eye-catching and a topic of conversion at a stakeholder conference.

The concept for this deliverable was inspired by a Gantt chart, a business tool commonly used to represent projects on a linear timeline. Clocks and circular (Mayan) calendars were the inspiration behind the final shape of the poster.
A modern and minimal approach to typography maintained the visual weight on the timeline.

2017 –


KIKODA Software Solutions is a fast and adaptable technology company made up of seasoned architects and programmers who deliver cutting-edge enterprise software solutions.

2017 –

Promo, Print

Promotional event brand and collateral for Phi Iota Alpha, the oldest professional latino fraternity.

Georgetown University.